A professional boat design and certified products means that your investment of time and money is protected. The kit set provides you with the basic boat, from which you can add your personal touches for fishing, diving, cruising or water sports. You have the freedom to choose and sail yours. We can also provide boats completed at any stage by our approved builders. Contact us for more information on this option. Boat trailer plans specifically designed to suit each boat kitset are also available. For more information on designer Jim Pauling click here Thank you again for your interest in my portable boat projects.

If you need further consultation, Yves-Marie is available for design changes, and tips if you need them. Hartley-Boats.com is now under a new direction, If you want to make a boat, for non-commercial purposes, then this is a must-see site. He has over 75 free plans to build a variety of different boats. I think my favorite is the "sports submarine". Free Ship Plans Send us your feedback on our site design, bugs, article ideas, community events from creators and any other ideas worthy of To be shared. We can not guarantee a response to every submission, but we promise to think of each one.

I used the power plan to remove the plastic cutting board skeg, as this would prevent new cloth. Stay tuned for the latest news, improved, original Sawfish! your boat will be damaged from time to time, some of it will go away on its own as the foam will swell with a little time and sun heat, but some of the damage will need more Warning. lay a thin towel that does not interest you on the damaged area, apply the steam iron to the towel and move it forward and back slowly, the foam forms to the original if it can, and the TBII will stick to the foam and fabric again.

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Outside, except on the bottom or locally where things are mounted on the surface of the hull, it is completely useless to paint an aluminum hull. This represents such of significant cost savings which, if the exterior is not painted, the aluminum construction will often cost LESS than the construction of the same steel vessel. More or less, the difference in cost equals the cost of painting from the outside of the aluminum hull ...

You need a plastic cutting board the longer the better. The entire freight port is perfect for me, it costs about $ 9 for the whole. "On my son ship I had to find another source for cutting boards, as my local freight has not refilled the cutting boards for a while. I found smaller cutting boards at the dollar store. I was able to make three fins of each board to cut, which makes them cheaper than the cargo fins of the port. For a 12-foot sawfish, I only needed three of the $ 1 cutting boards. Start by measuring 2 from the long edge of the cutting board, this will be the total height of your fin.

It turned out that Timo was in the process of restoring a surfboard built from the plans of the July 1937 issue of PM. (It was a great year for marine projects, I suppose.) He confirmed that the boat was a good candidate for a first builder and agreed to lend a hand if needed. One winter morning, I was leaving for Willard Brothers Woodcutters, a sawmill and lumber merchant in Trenton, New Jersey. You can spend hours there, piles of nuts, cherries and delicious oaks, some boards as wide as the arm. it's long.

I really like some designs. Especially these Caroilna style plans. I do not know anyone who built a boat using their plans but I read a lot of posts on their forum and people seem to be very happy with them. They are supposed to be very well documented and easy to build. I think this is the right thing to do if you are looking for plans for a boat up to 10 meters in size or if you like trawlers. They have impressive trawlers in their inventory. Up to 40 feet. They also have an online store where you can buy all the materials for your project. Check out their website for more information.

I call it a steep joint) Start by using the wallpaper scoring tool to punch the faces to glue, this gives you the best glue joint possible. Rub the perforated ends with your hand to remove the small pieces of torn foam. Lay the sections to be assembled along the junction line as closely as possible. Run a strip of ribbon along the joint and you want the ribbon to pass both ends of the joint a few inches apart. Now fold one section of foam over the other using the ribbon as hinge. Apply the gorilla glue in a zigzag pattern from the top of one panel down to the other and back, this will stick in as large area as possible.

I have a variety of paddles, mostly from discount stores, my favorites have a graphite rod so they weigh very little. the difference in weight is not really noticeable at first, but in a few hours you notice that your arms do not feel so tired. I prefer blades that are bright in color because they tend to blink in the sun, increasing your safety on the water with better visibility. I keep all my paddles in a paddle quiver bag to protect and keep them organized. (That way, I do not come to the river with missing paddle halves) - a seat. the Oniva seat is the best I found, I did a lot of paddling for two hours without my seat being numb.

To solve this problem, I cut the fabric of the sides as you can see in one of the photos. I cut new pieces of fabric and nailed them all along one side. In this way, I could bend the fabric, apply undiluted Titebond II to the foam, and fold the fabric over the shell. This gave good seals. -The boat itself is smaller (11 x 2 feet at the base) so it can fit the door of my little apartment! - I sprayed the sides and the bottom of the boat after painting with marine varnish (Helmsman Jet Polish) to add more resistance to the water.

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